Tuesday, 20 May 2014

South France Trip - Cote D'zur (French Riviera) Monaco & Grasse - Day 5

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Sambung day 5 in South France..We are in Nice therefore my sister planned for us trip to Monaco.  The Map shows the location of Monaco.

Very small country but masyaallah sangat bersih dan mewah for a small country. Naik bus, then once arrived we climbed the hill to see the Palace of Monaco.


This is Monaco

Monaco Palace

Back In Nice

Later after watching changing of guards, we decided to go on Bus Tour . Worth the money for first timer in Monaco.

 We head back to Nice after the tour. It was still early, without wasting our time we drove to Grasse to visit all the perfumeries. Grasse is most famous of their perfumeries.
Three well-known perfumeries are Fragonard , Molinard and Galimard which runs free guided tour . You’re taken through every stage of perfume production, from extraction and distillation to the work of the ‘nose’. Tours leave every 15 to 30 minutes and are available in a number of languages.

One more day left..to enjoy the sun before we fly back to Leeds..totally different climate..Leeds is always cold and South France is warm..Alhamdulillah..experiences that I will always remember..

Monday, 18 November 2013

Come and join my new journey..Good opportunity for all of us..

Been quite a while since I update my experiences in the UK and Europe..My family and I are back in Malaysia for nearly 2 months now. Our car and goods have safely arrived, Alhamulillah..Sekiranya ada rezeki lagi we will definitely jejak ke bumi United Kingdom that have given us life experiences and memorable memories...Rindu sangat dengan Leeds..unhactic life..calmness..terima kasih dan syukur kepadaNYA...Dia yang memberi kami behijrah dan Dia yang juga memberi kami peluang hidup berdikari di negara orang...Alhamdulillah.Syukur..

So back to reality...the place I was born and breed..Malaysia..Would love to share some of my experiences regarding my passive income. Have been in this so called 'my business' since I was single (2002).. one of the pioneer of this company part time while working. my parents actually put me and my siblings in this..Have been receiving income from this company from day 1 till now. But is just that I have been busy with working life in one the GLC company for almost 10years also doing my part time studies during night time for 5 years..Have been attending classes for the part time business but it just doesn't hit my head till my husband got the the scholarship to continue his studies..

Oh my...my monthly commitment it self will definitely make me stay in Malaysia not following my husband. I don't know about others but this opportunity is like a golden opportunity..Doesn't come often. Alhamdulillah because of the income that I received from the part time I managed to handle this situation and decided to stop work full stop! and don't look back and many of my friends were saying what a waste you have studied..Mechanical Engineering and its not easy and work in a big GLC..receiving bonuses yearly also shares...why would you want to stop. I just said to them insyaallah rezeki ada di mana-mana. And yes I believe in that.

My mom and dad was font of doing business since I was small. It is true that parents have to give the best education to their children so that when we are in outside world we have wide options of getting a job .. but they are also responsible of teaching and guiding us in the lesson of life. My parents never force me and siblings to get involved in what they do. But all of us have a turning point when we actually sees and experience ourselves that in today's world especially in Malaysia and living in town area, frankly speaking I wont be able to buy houses yet and I will  be struggling with my 2 kids expenses wanting the best for our kids also I am sure we own selves have the desire of what we want. But if every  mont you will be struggling with your expenses logically you will end up  cutting away your own desire.

When I left Malaysia in September 2012 and came back September 2013..for 12 months I do not receive any single thing from the company that I have been serving for almost 10 years ..Going to work early morning sending my kids to people's house..of course coz I have resigned..but the part time company that I rarely and passively in..have been giving me lots and lots more by the ends of my UK journey and infact till to date I have been receving income I mean good income from the part time company..Really I dont mean to brag..no point and tak dapat pahala pun nk berlagak ... But I think I have a resposibility to share (I dont want to be greedy to keep something good to myself) with my friends, love ones also people who are interested to actual wants financial freedom at early age..especially woman I am sure with the maid and baby sitter issues nowadys you want to be able to be wth your kids most of the time one day. I am responsible to let people know how wonderful the business that me and my family involved in.

Yes it is worldwide..Let me know if you are interested. Follow my page : E-Biz Net...@ facebook..
 or mail me at ebiz_netwk@yahoo.com for more info.

Sesungguhnya yang baik comes from HIM and the bad from me..lets open our heart and mind to see other perspective of life...How can I be better in life rather than complaining about others ...Keep the positve spirit we will be successful...Insyaallah..

Thursday, 23 May 2013

South France Trip - Cote D'zur (French Riviera) St Tropez &Cannes - Day 4

Weehoo..Day 4, checked out from Marseille head up to Nice. On the way to Nice, we stopped at St. Tropez then Cannes..From Marseille to St. Tropez took us about 1hour 45 minutes drive..We drove through Toulon along the Riviera. I am speechless to see the beautiful scenary.

St. tropez, Wow totally a different environment..From the history it was a fishing village before 20th century but now it became one of the most popular sightseeing places. The luxury yatches and the high end Boutiques are there although St.Tropez is a small place.  Dior, Fendi, LV, D&G, Salvastore Feragammo...etc

Hello St. Tropez

Nice car to have on a sunny day

Barbarac Ice cream yummy!
Nice to have ice cream too on a sunny day..Aunty Sha blanja..

Luxury Boats

This is St. Tropez

My munchkins..will always be..

Moi Familie

Wala..Luxury sports car



Popular artists loves this shopping place..

Dior cutties


Moi petite model

Bye..Bye St. Tropez...................................................

Cannes...La Mer....Sings Aira..Oh the children were so excited...Mr. Bean's place. They really love the show..Was it Mr. Bean's Holiday. When we arrived they ask where is Mr. Bean? Oh No..This only the shooting place Aira and Adra...We laughed!

From St. Tropez to Cannes about 1 hour drive. Once arrived Cannes we stroll to the town. Quite busy place coinsidenly there is Shopping Carnival going on at the place that usually the Filem Festival was held...and where Mr. Bean's Holiday Movie were shot..

We took the Town Train Tour. Toured the town. Nice luxury town. High end boutiques and shops, the yacthes parked just infront of the hotels, Luxury Hotels that many famous artists stayed. Both St. Tropez and Cannes have high end environment, the difference is just St. Tropez is more relaxed while Cannes there are more people..more busy.

Hello Cannes

Yeay tempat Mr Bean kata Aira...

This is Cannes

Aira loves the boat..

Dh lapar..tutup pulak Planet Sushi nih

Train Tour

Happy listening..

One of the popular hotels

This hotel too

Cannes from on top of the hill

Nice view

Layan Amorino Crepe jap..Aunty Sha..TQ..Yummy


A snap before moving on
Shopping Festival going on...Bye..Bye Cannes

Next...check inn in Nice.From Cannes to Nice took us about half and hour.

Petite apartment in Nice
Exhausted but worth it...